What should I bring and wear on my first visit? You should bring the physician order for physical therapy, your insurance card, medication list and wear loose fitting clothing that allows the therapist to easily examine the area of pain or injury. 


How long will my appointments last? The initial evaluation will last approximately 1 hour, each subsequent visit will be 30-60 minutes long. 


How many visits will I need treatment for? The therapist who completes your initial evaluation will assess you and will create a plan of care, which will include the estimated number of treatments, as well as what treatment techniques will be utilized. This can vary quite a bit from patient to patient depending on their diagnosis. 


Will physical therapy be painful? Some treatments in physical therapy will be uncomfortable while you are having them; however, they are all focused on healing and restoring function which will decrease your overall pain. The therapists will look for feedback on how each treatment felt. Please feel free to communicate with your Therapist if something is uncomfortable or has made you more sore, so that they can re-assess and ensure proper healing and improved functional outcomes. 


Will I be able to get massage as part of my treatment? Physical therapists do utilize manual therapy techniques; however, many of them are targeted to an area of dysfunctional soft tissue, and not the full body relaxation achieved with massage therapy. If you are seeking massage therapy, please speak with your therapist, who can make recommendations on providers to see for massage therapy. 


What happens when I’m done with therapy? Prior to completing physical therapy your therapist will work with you to create an independent program for you to do on your own, which will ensure continued relief and help to avoid re-injury. If you have concerns, please feel free to speak with your therapist, as you approach the end of your treatment. 


Will my insurance cover physical therapy? We take most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid; however, coverage of physical therapy varies greatly from plan to plan. You will have to call your insurance customer service line to inquire about your specific physical therapy benefits. 


What is the privacy policy of Physical Therapy Center of Milford? Physical Therapy Center of Milford complies with all HIPAA guidelines to ensure all personal medical information is protected and only shares with your insurance company and physicians who are involved in your care. 


How is physical therapy billed? Physical Therapy services will be billed to your insurance company, but please keep in mind many insurance plans will have a co-pay, coinsurance or deductible, that will be paid by the patient or responsible party.